VAE Shattered Pastell Tee

VAE Shattered Pastell Tee

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Das Premium T-Shirt ist oversized geschnitten und punktet durch die Verwendung von hochwertig gekämmter Baumwolle. Durch die gekämmte Baumwolle ist der Stoff sehr angenehm zu tragen und verfügt über einen sehr hohen Targekomfort



Bavarian Organisation since 2019

Vicious & Evil is a young, up-and-coming eSports organization based in Bavaria. It starts with the game CounterStrike: Global Offensive, which is one of the most frequently played PC games worldwide. In the future, however, more games and teams will be included in the portfolio and attempts will be made to gradually establish themselves in the eSports scene. Fortunately, we are in contact with some of the best players in Germany, which also maintains a high level of training.